Beni Ourain rug (6.59 x 4.46 ft)


Beni Ourain rug (6.59 x 4.46 ft)

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Beni Ourain rug (6.59 x 4.46 ft) Themorner
Beni Ourain rug (6.59 x 4.46 ft) Themorner
Beni Ourain rug (6.59 x 4.46 ft) Themorner
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Vintage berber Beni ourain rug is handmade in Morocco and made of high quality Vintage Berber beni ourain Handmade 100% natural hand spun wool
 Vintage berber Rug / teppich  : Each Beni earn carpet is unique in design and patterns ,but they share the same characteristic of the thick pile and the soft texture. what makes a Beni Ouarain Rugs even great is that she can be used in both the traditional and the chic interior.

it’s subtle and artistic motifs makes it a very beautiful handmade rug, and give it a Bohemian look.
This Bohemian rug will suit any type of interior decoration and can be a perfect bedroom rug or living room rug,

********************** Description *************************

- Raw materials : wool, threads of cotton
- Size: 210x136 cm (6.59 x 4.46 ft)
- region: the Middle atlas Morocco
- State: Excellent
- colour: white and black 

***************** Custom Rugs ****************
A Berber rug you like but has been sold ?
Did you see a beautiful Moroccan carpet that you want to create ?
You need a custom rug especially made for you?
You have a specific design?
You are inspired by colours, shapes or material?

Reach out to us, we can make your dream come true
Generally the creation of Berber rug takes 3 - 5 weeks.

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